Extra bonus super sized aquarium, now with excessive-depth!

As seen previously on this blog I had a 30 gallon (36″ x 12″ x 17″) aquarium in what is labeled the ‘Family Room’ in the floor plan for my house. The tank was about 4 feet from a 35000 BTU wood burning stove, as shown in this old Christmas-time picture:

Old tank at Christmas time

I was never really happy with the tank near such a large heat source, so I never kept temperature-sensitive fish in the tank. Recently I have wanted to be able to keep larger fish, and so I have taken the opportunity to upgrade the 30 gallon tank to a massive 110 gallon extra-high tank, empty and not quite ready for use (and surrounded by mess from tearing down the old tank, and setting up this one):

110 Gallon tank, empty

The tank is 48″ x 18″ x 31″ (same footprint as a 75 or 90 gallon tank, just much taller), constructed of glass by Perfecto (now a division of Marineland), and weighs about 182 pounds empty. The stand is a Big Al’s Stingray, which I chose because I liked the open shelves in it, but it still has a compartment large enough to hold a decent sized filter. The next step with the tank is to paint the back black so you can’t see wires and hoses through it. On previous tanks I have stuck black cardboard on the back, but I think with a tank this size it won’t stay in place.

Expect more posts as I get more equipment for the tank and complete setting it up.

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