Garage wall mount for kayak

As part of an on-going effort to reclaim my garage from the hoards of clutter in it, I mounted my kayak to a garage wall this weekend.  To do this I had to remove a shelf that a previous homeowner had built, that was covered over by peg board anyway (making the shelf only useful for storing long piece of scrap lumber).  Once that was done, I was left with a nice chunk of wall for putting the kayak on.  To hang the kayak, I used a pair of 15 inch shelf supports, attached to the studs with a few lag screws I had around the house.  The supports seem very sturdy, and I don’t worry about them being able to hold the 60 pounds of the kayak.  On top of the supports I put foam padding, in the form of door/wall protectors, that are designed to be stuck to a garage wall so you don’t bang up your car door/walls if you open the car doors too much.  They were the perfect size (also 15 inches), and the foam was stiff enough that it shouldn’t tear from kayak abuse.  It is held in place with double sided tape.  Finally, the kayak is secured to the wall with a pair of bungee cords.  Total cost for the project was about $25.  Here is what the final result looks like, in my still-very-messy garage:

Kayak mounted to garage wall

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