Hello Kitty Toast

I was the lucky person left with a Hello Kitty toaster from the 2007 Xmas/New Years Net Fest gift exchange thingie. It is the perfect complement to any kitchen decor:

Hello Kitty Toaster

It is supposed to burn the mark of Hello Kitty onto your toast, it accomplishes this unholy task using a plate in the toaster that blocks the heat in the shape of Hello Kitty:

Hello Kitty blocker plate

In practice, it doesn’t work too well (my oversized bread from my bread maker doesn’t help):

Hello Kitty Toast

But the concept is sound, so lets see if we can make our own shapes. Hello Kitty is only seared into one side of the toast, presumably because you are not supposed to put Hello Kitty face-down. That means we can utilize the non-kitty side of the toaster for our own shapes. Aluminum foil should reflect the heat nicely if the shiney side is out, and attached it to the toast using some straight pins:

Happy toast shield

And out of the toaster comes a much happier piece of toast:

Happy toast, yum!

Of course, you could just make a circle in the toast, without any eyes/mouth, and decorate it with jelly:

A little Raspberry Taijitu to start your day.

Hours of breakfast entertainment!

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