Logical Logitech Headphone Hack

I have a pair of Logitech Bluetooth headpones, model 980415-0403.  They work nicely with my laptop and my phone (just as headphones (A2DP), they aren’t a headset), but they have a rather poor design for the band, which makes them susceptable to cracking, like this:Logitech Bluetooth headphones
Presumably there is a pair of wires inside the band to carry audio over from the ear with the BT receiver, to the other ear.  Which I guess might have a battery or something, for weight balacning purposes.  I never opened the things up to find out.  But, it is obvious that if the band breaks completely, the headphones aren’t going to be useful.  So, with the use of a pair of sacrificial headphones:
Headphones about to be hacked up
I reinforced the Logitech headphone band, using a piece of the band cut out from the Sony headphones.  Using electrical tape to keep it classy, I taped the band from the Sony earbud headphones (I hate earbud headphones, so no big loss chopping ’em up) to he inside of the band for the decent bluetooth headphones.  The result doesn’t look completely trashy:
Repaired Logitech headphones
And they are still fully functional, and even if the main band breaks, the secondary band should hold them mostly in the right shape.  Good enough for work music listening.  Oh, another thing about the headphones…the documentation that comes with them is really bad.  It doesn’t even mention bluetooth, how to pair, what the passcode is, etc.  To pair, you turn the headphones off, then hold the power button on for about 10 seconds, when it beeps you can let go of the power button discover the device, and use passcode 0000 for pairing.

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